Fines & Costs


Each fine is determined by the court. The State of Texas sets a minimum and maximum amount for each fine, and the court must set fines within these limits. The following are maximum fines for violations:

  • City ordinance violations: $2,000 (depending on the charge and subsequent violations)
  • Class C misdemeanor violations: $500
  • Traffic violations: $200

For a list of fines, please view the Municipal Court's Fine Schedule (PDF).

Court Costs

The State of Texas sets court costs for each type of violation. State law requires the court to add a one-time fee of $25 to each violation that carries a balance for more than 30 days.

Warrant Fee

State law sets the warrant fee at $50 per warrant.

Omni Base Program

The Omni Base program provides an effective collection and enforcement tool by restricting a violator's ability to renew a driver's license due to outstanding violations. This failure-to-appear program is authorized by Chapter 706 of the Texas Transportation Code. Violators are also charged a $30 fee.