Codes & Ordinances

The City of Rockdale adopted Code of Ordinances is now available online. View the Code.

Copies of codes and ordinances may be obtained by contacting the City Secretary at 512-446-2511, emailing the City Secretary or coming to 505 W. Cameron Avenue during normal business hours.  There is a fee of 10 cents per page copied. 

Proposed Ordinances    

Order General Election for May 7, 2022 (PDF)   

Approved Ordinances (since last codification)   

2021-12-13 (7B) - Amend Appendix A of the Fee Schedule (Amend Solid Waste Collection rates and repeal Fair Park rates)
2021-12-13 (5A) - Amend Zoning Ordinance (rezone property at 1350 W Hwy 79 from R-1 to C-2)
2021-12-13 (5B) - Amend Chapter 14 Zoning (add sections for Allowed Use Table)
2022-01-10 (5A) - Abandoning a portion of ROW on East Davilla Avenue