Compliance & Dismissals

Possible Case Types

Cases may be considered for dismissal if the charges filed against the defendant are for the following:

Defensive Driving

Persons receiving a moving traffic violation may take defensive driving provided they have a valid non-commerical Texas driver's license with a current address and current insurance in requestors name. Defensive driving may be taken only once every 12 months and all court costs must be paid in full. For more information, view the court's Driving Safety Course Reply Form (PDF).

Deferred Disposition 

Persons requesting Deferred Disposition must do so in writing. All CDL holders are disqualified. If the judge authorizes deferred disposition, you will be required to pay the fees and court costs in full and will be placed on probation. If probation is successfully completed, the violation will not appear on your driving record.

Expired Vehicle Registration

Persons may be eligible to have the charges dismissed with a $20 administrative fee if you present proof of correction within 20 working days after the offense or before your court appearance, whichever is later. You must show proof of payment of the late registration fee to the county assessor-collector.  You MUST inform the county assessor-collector about your citation to ensure the late penalty fee is added prior to payment.

Failure to Display Driver’s License

Persons will be eligible to have the charge dismissed with a $10 administrative fee, if you present proof to the court of a valid driver’s license at the time of the citation.

Failure to Report Change of Address or Name

Persons may be eligible to have the charge dismissed with a $20 administrative fee, if you present proof of correction not more than five working days after the offense date.

No Liability Insurance

Persons will be eligible for a dismissal if the defendant contacts their insurance company and requests that proof of insurance be faxed to the court at 512-446-6258. Insurance must be effective on the date and time the citation was issued. Your citation number must be noted on a cover sheet. This proof should be presented to the court by the appearance date shown on your citation.

Please note: The court will not accept a copy of an insurance card or a fax from any defendant.