Summer Reading Program 2021

The Summer Reading Program is open to ALL ages: Birth to Adult! The program fosters the love of reading and helps build literacy skills. Incentive awards are provided for fun.

This year's 2021 theme provided by the Collaborative Summer Library Program is Tails & Tales.

JUNE 2021 Activities for children

Watch = Tuesdays

Read = Wednesdays 

Activity = Thursdays

Week 1: Heroes

  • Watch: Wishbone Robin Hood episode 
  • Read: "The Hero in Me" by Susan Fitzsimonds
  • Activity: Slide show of different kinds of heroes, ask kids which one is their hero

Week 2: Actual tails

  • Watch: Why do Animals Have Tails on YouTube
  • Read: "Henry, the Dog with No Tail" by Kate Feiffer
  • Activity: Match the animal to their tail

Week 3: Knights, Dragons, Princesses, Oh My!

  • Watch: Dragon, Knight, Princess Song for Kids on YouTube
  • Read: "The Princess and the Three Knights" by Karen Kingsbury
  • Activity: Color the castle page in the bag

Week 4: Be You!

  • Watch: Happy Being ME song
  • Read: "Rumple Buttercup" by Matthew Gray Gumbler
  • Activity: Self-Portrait